6.5% alc./vol. -Medium Sweet Cider- A summertime and holiday favourite! This cider has an eye-catching crimson colour and a fantastic fruity flavour. It’s sweet flavour perfectly balances the acidity of the cranberries and results in a beverage that is both pleasantly sweet and enjoyably tart. Pair with ham, turkey, or chicken.  *Vegan & Gluten-free
Cranberry Cider (Medium)
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Cranberry Cider (Medium)

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A delicious cider with an eye-catching colour and bold fruit flavour! It features a pleasantly sweet taste, enticing cranberry aroma, and hint of tartness that is remarkably true to the fruit. Pair with ham, turkey, or chicken. 

*6.5% alc./vol.
*Vegan & Gluten-free