*NEW* 100% Pure Elderberry Syrup
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*NEW* 100% Pure Elderberry Syrup

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This syrup is concentrated Elderberry juice squeezed just today! Enjoy these delicious berries in a convenient syrup that's high in antioxidants.

Ingredients = 100% Elderberries
NO syrups
NO water
NO honey
NO vegetable glycerin
NO additives at all

Bottle Size: 500ml

A few of the many ways you can use our Elderberry syrup at home. 😊
1. Add to Teas or Hot Chocolate
2. Add to Smoothies
3. Splashed into a cocktail
4. A topping for yogurt or ice cream
5. Making flavoured ice
6. A topping for pancakes or scones
7. Add to a variety of dessert or breakfast recipes
8. And so much more!