Do we ship wines within Ontario?
Yes! (Canada Post fees apply)
Case orders ship for FREE (12 wine bottles).
Note: Fore free shipping to apply at checkout the 12 wines must be placed as a separate order. 

Do we ship wines outside of Ontario?
Yes! (Canada Post fees apply).

Do we ship wines outside of Canada?
No. We do not ship outside of Canada.

Do we ship our ciders, fruit vinegars, grilling sauces, preserves, & dips?
Yes! We ship them to anywhere in Canada. (Canada Post fees apply).

Discount Codes:

Use code "preserves" to get 3/$15 on all jams/wine preserves.
Use code "vinegars" to get 3/$25 on all sauces/pepper jellies/fruit vinegars/dips.
NOTE: Only one discount code can be applied per order but can be used multiple times in a single order.