12% alc./vol. This wine has a bright nose, soft pear flavour, and a delicate floral finish. It’s light-bodied with a smooth, fruity taste that is just like taking a juicy bite from a perfectly ripe pear! Enjoy with blue cheese, turkey sandwiches, or fresh fruit. *Vegan & Gluten-free
Pear Off Dry
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Pear Off Dry

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This wine features a delicate nose, soft flavour, and smooth floral finish. It’s light-bodied with a delightfully fruity taste that's just like biting into a perfectly ripe pear! 

Alc./vol.: 12%
Bottle Size: 750ml  
Sweetness Level: Slightly sweet (hint of sweetness but leans on the dry side)
Food Pairing: blue cheese, turkey sandwiches, or fresh fruit
*Vegan & Gluten-free