13.3% alc./vol. A bronze medal winner at the All-Canadian Wine Championships. Our Shiro Plum has a wonderfully smooth taste and is an excellent alternative to a traditional white grape wine. In fact, most people assume this wine is a grape wine until we inform them otherwise. It's a light-bodied wine with a dry finish  that is easy to drink and pleasant on the palate. Pairs well with seafood, Japanese, and Thai cuisine. *Vegan & Gluten-free
Shiro Plum
Shiro Plum
Shiro Plum
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Shiro Plum

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A fantastic introduction to fruit wines! Our Shiro Plum features a delicate nose, light body, and smooth finish.  

100% Shiro Plum
(Vegan & Gluten-free)

Sweetness Options:

Dry - 13.3% ABV - 750ml
Off Dry - 14% ABV - 750ml